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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I rarely post twice in one day, but please read this. Bye, bye, Smokey. And please scroll down to see the rat photo in the next post, because that's just awesome.

Submitted by Newsline 340 on December 27, 2011

Criminal Investigation Bureau detectives on St. Thomas have arrested former senator 53-year-old Stephen "Smokey" Frett. Frett was arrested on Tuesday, December 27 at about 7:30 p.m. He was charged with Buying, Receiving or Possessing Stolen Property valued at more than $100.

Police said Frett was observed by surveillance cameras on Tuesday, December 13 leaving the Office Max store in the Tutu Park Mall with unpaid merchandise. Frett was arrested on a warrant issued by the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands which was signed on December 22. His bail was set at $10,000. Following his court appearance, Frett was released on his own recognizance.

A rat caught in between the doors at a friend's house. The cats must have just about peed themselves.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Go, Craig! Bunch of effing 'teefs. Shameful.

Since I am too lame to post a live link, you'll have to copy and paste this:

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My brain is going to explode.

Hello! In brief we are looking for a completely private honeymoon villa that offers fantastic beach/ocean views and once-in-a-lifetime romantic amenities such as our own private pool, hot tub, hammock, and outdoor shower, all for about $200-400 per night from June 18-26, 2012. Additionally, we'd like a villa that is somehow quite mosquito/bug free (as I assume resorts would be) such as being clean, and closed with A/C. I wonder if you think there is anything in your specific location that would work for us? Below is additional context I am sending out broadly. Thank you in advance for any feedback you can provide!

My name is XXX and I'm from the center of the United States. I am fortunate to be marrying a wonderful woman next year and we are looking for a honeymoon week in June of 2012 somewhere near a beach. Honestly we are hoping to keep all travel and airfare total for the both of us as near $3,200 as possible, and we believe June 2012 will be in low season for many beach paradise getaways which may give us the chance to afford it. (We are already working to earn airfare discounts by using special credit cards, etc.) We don't really care where we go but are looking for specific things that for us make up the most romantic honeymoon getaway - a home/house/villa with basically as much privacy (away from civilization) as possible, with some luxuries (important once-in-a-lifetime amenities of private pool, outdoor/"alfresco" shower, and outdoor jacuzzi), and views and access to quite private beaches. I think you'll find we can describe almost exactly what we are looking for as I continue below.

We like simplicity and flexibility, and will probably spend most of our time around the house if it is private and nice, such as laying out at the pool, cooking breakfast and maybe even dinner together (need a grocery run to get some eggs, etc.), playing board games together, watching shows, etc. And then we'll be at the beach, where we'd like friendly waters for swimming and hopefully snorkeling (we are fit 30 year olds). Nice but not too necessary would be a few unique restaurants to try out. We are pretty shy and cautious, and not big party people. If we can get something resembling a "paradise" home for a week that is a complete, romantic, honeymoon getaway, we'd feel very blessed.

I do extensive research and analysis on the internet, but is becoming overwhelming trying to look at all the regions surrounding the United States for something ideal and, while it is very hard for me to totally trust anyone over the internet and email, I am hoping to get an honest insider's opinion. Some locations I've researched are the coasts of the U.S. and Mexico, Maui in Hawaii, Fiji (WAY too expensive to fly there), and in the caribbean the Bahamas/Caicos (which seem the cheapest), St. Lucia, St. Maarten / St. Martin, the USVI's of St. Thomas and St. John's, and BVI's like Tortola (I assume the rest of the BVI's are more like private islands that we could not nearly afford).

With all that in mind, would you be so kind as to offer any best bets for our romantic, paradise getaway? Again, we are looking for a private home/house/villa structure hidden and all to ourselves, so we don't think resorts/hotels/condos which consist of multiple units would work for us. Do you think anything like what we envision exists? To clarify on concessions we could make for more affordable lodging: we would for example be fine with a small square foot, we need great views but do not have to be right on the beach (in fact up on a hill seems likely more secluded for us), and we have no need for many activities, massages, hotspots, nightlife, etc.

Last note is that, honestly, we are somewhat nervous about going outside the U.S. and we'd have to get passports. For example, the 4 wheel drive requirement we keep reading about on some of the steep Virgin Islands sounds a bit daunting (though I think we would do it). I also wonder things like where a hospital is located should something happen, especially outside the U.S. We hope to find information and real people who will qualm our fears. Also for example, Tortola BVI looks great, but I believe the USVI like St. John's or any United States territory would not require a passport and would be within U.S. jurisdiction and laws (should something unforeseen happen).

Thanks again for your time, and any response you can provide will be very much appreciated!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Elusive Garpenter

Damn, I tried so hard to get a photo of the back of this car, advertising "Gabinets," but the driver was always too fast for me. I had the perfect opportunity yesterday, but someone changed the "G" to "C."

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ha, told you so. And so the walls come crumbling down. And now what?

New Gas Station Project in Violation Again
November 22, 2011
Chocolate Hole LLC found itself in a world of hurt Tuesday, when construction on its gas station appeared to have destabilized a nearby road.

The company faces fines of $5,000 to $10,000 for undermining the road above while excavating land for its new 24-hour gas station and convenience store, Planning and Natural Resources spokesman Jamal Nielsen said Tuesday.

“Salem has been warned on several occasions,” Nielsen said, referring to owner Nedal Salem.

Planning staff visited the site Tuesday, found the violations and helped Salem “secure the site,” Nielsen said. He said that the staff will soon issue a “findings of fact” and determine how much the fine should be.

He added that Salem was given “some direction” as to how to build a retaining wall.

Salem denied he had any problems with the excavation, and said he was currently working on constructing the retaining wall, Tuesday.
“Our priority is to put it up,” he said.

He said the gas station should open in about eight months.

The gas station project is sandwiched between Southside Road and a road through the Power Boyd neighborhood. It sits next to a small shopping center that’s home to St. John Market in an area locally called Great Cruz Bay. Officially, it’s Chocolate Hole.

According to Nielsen, Planning’s Building Permits Division issued a stop work order on June 7, because the severity of the cut into the hillside to make way for the gas station was done in an unsafe manner. Nielsen said Salem corrected the problem and work continued.

After heavy rains on Aug. 31, the department issued another stop work order and told Salem he had to develop a plan to mitigate erosion and redesign the retaining wall.

“The plan was developed and the stop work order lifted,” Nielsen said.

On Nov. 21, a “significant” portion of the property above fell into the construction site, resulting in the latest problem for Salem.

The project was unpopular with some residents who turned out in the fall of 2010 for public meetings on the matter. The main issue was the impact on business at a nearby market and a gas station, as well as safety issues when fuel trucks travel on the very steep Jacob’s Ladder to reach the new gas station.

Currently, St. John has only one gas station. It’s located in Cruz Bay. No one at the meetings disputed the need for another one, but some people said they preferred putting one at the other end of the island in the Coral Bay area.

Another gas station is in the works at Estate Adrian on Centerline Road.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

What the hell? Seems like a good way to get jumped and have your last remaining possessions 'teefed, but what do I know?

I am looking for a dedicated companion who wants to live on the beach. (Virgin Islands)
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

I am moving to the United States Virgin Islands in approximately one week. I will be homeless and living on the beach until I can find work. I am looking for someone who is in a similar position that wants to do this with a companion. Having the support of another is much better than doing it alone. Living on the beach is kind of like camping. It's only going to work for certain types of people because there are physical and mental challenges. And believe me when I tell you the challenges we could face will be extreme.

I am a clean 32 year old white male. I have no dependents. I do not use drugs. I drink alcohol socially only. I have no criminal background. I have lived and worked in St. Thomas previously and I had a really good job. But the economy took my job away and I moved back to the mainland with my extended family last year. I am having no luck finding work on the mainland. So I am relocating back to the islands without any support. I still have a friend who lives on St. Thomas but you just can't live somewhere without being able to pay the bills. I am on a strict budget but I do have money to survive. I will be bringing a backpack of essential supplies including a travel pillow, suntan lotion, mosquito repellent, a tent, a razor, some towels, mosquito repellent, a few changes of clothes that I will hand wash, etc. You see where this is going. I will also bring along a one man tent. I suggest you do the same.

I am willing to help you out as much as I can. However, life is going to be tough for the both of us until we find some income. If you're a true friend, I will give you my last drop of water. I would hope you would do the same. Conservation is the key. We must live conservatively to survive and make this work. Once I approach the island, I won't be able to easily leave the island. I have a pretty impressive work history but I'm throwing that all away and willing to accept a job busing tables for a low wage. Just because we live outside doesn't mean we should totally ignore personal hygiene.

I have not decided which island is best yet. St. John is the most beautiful island of all three. However, St. Croix is big and largely flat. We can hide better in St. Croix because it's much larger than the rest and it has less tourism. There are jobs on St. Croix. Please understand that this will at first be a journey but at the same time it could end up being a fight to survive. Our safety should be fine. But our money supplies and food supplies could run low. This is a risky venture. I am not looking for someone who wants to hit the beach up for three days and then leave the island. You can do that on your own. I am looking for someone who has had enough and wants a change. There will be a lot of walking, a lot of roaming, a lot of lounging and a lot of sacrifice. Money doesn't last forever. I am bringing some resumes with me.

Again I have lived and worked on St. Thomas before. Just one year ago, I had a $45k a year job with transportation and housing. Everything was going great. Now I'm in the dumps. I am looking to pull out in one week. So please, no drug addicts, no murderers, no rapists. I just want a drama free experience where we try to move forward and help each other. This could be a life changing experience for the right person. But I guarantee you it will be a catastrophe for the wrong person. Please email me if you're serious and we can talk on the phone. Thanks.

Location: Virgin Islands

Monday, November 14, 2011


Kudos to my eagle-eyed roving reporter for capturing this! XO!

Friday, November 11, 2011

This is shameful.

At the WAPA protest from Wednesday. The link is here, but you have to cut and paste it, since I can't seem to attach a live link tonight. Innovative DSL is being very uncooperative this evening, and I need to stop and get caught up on Judge Judy now. This Youtube video scares me.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Judge Swan’s Marijuana Quote

“Some people who smoke marijuana are better drivers than sober drivers.”
– Superior Court Judge Ive Swan

Our limited contact with former VI Superior Court Judge Ive Swan (now VI Supreme Court Judge) has led us to conclude he is a thoroughly competent and conscientious jurist, more the reason why we were stunned by his quote above. We could not help asking, “From what font does his knowledge of Buddha spring?”

Does he partake of a little sacramental weed himself from time to time?

The quote was made in open court during a murder trial. The defendant was found guilty of First Degree Murder, but on appeal, the Third Circuit ruled Judge Swain’s remark denied the defendant a fair trial.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


paul Vrabcak on November 3, 2011 at 5:17 pm

wayto go mr springer, you are to be commendedo hve gottn this issue this far, mearly the fact theyre having th Ag look into it mens you have a case that the boe fers you will take to federal court,th three weks is to scour federal law looking for exceptions to the current elagability law. its pretty obvious that our BOE couldnt find any reason to dismiss the claim as chuckie want them to do, her three laywers couldoffer no defence to the charge as stated , chuckie attempted to agrue what moral terpatude is but that wasnt the specifics of the charge, its about the letter of the elagability law, comendations to you i see this as a victory hat thy will move as slow as the can on but still ts brought the fer ofthe people to chckie and the boe

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I am "terrafied."

paul Vrabcak on October 23, 2011 at 10:57 am

Virgin Islanders are americans and can have full rights and vote and every single right of a citizen, the reasonwhy we dont vote yet is the lack of a ratafied constatution and aplication for statehood we have yet to submit one in agreement with the us constatution aply for statehood or to be a district, we are primarily a terattory because of what we have not done rather than the us keeping us out. I say good for us we they want us they should have to compremise with us rather than dictate to us. for all the oh the VI isso bad and so corrupt there are many worse places in the states that make our corruption look tame, from garbage collection in ny to the $5,000 donations for small favors almost every state side elected offical wants. the difference iswe want better and alot of places in the us have given up.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Close, but no cigar!

Someone (me) was too chicken shit to take this picture, but I finally got up the nerve when the security guard at Motor Vehicles starting dozing off (although my flash woke him up.) Sorry it's blurry, but I didn't want to be banned for life. It reads "CLOSE" on the closed door. Awesome.

Monday, October 17, 2011

This scares me.

You have no idea what you are talking about .I worked in 3 schools in St.Thomas and have never ever seen a teacher not caring. Instead I seen teachers work until after 5 at their schools, come in on Saturdays and spend lots of money out of there pockets for there student.
Attendance is not a problem we come to school everyday . We get paid 1/2 of the salary that teachers in the states get paid. I know because worked in the states .
Instead of taking 8 percent from our salary maybe there should be no expense account for the cabinet members or SUV.
The governor saw the problem of the ecomony so did the senate way before this year but kept on spending .
Teacher are still worried will we bee laid off more cuts. Many teachers have retired and there is no replacements . So we have to teach larger classes .
The teachers are not selfish but concerned about the education of our young people. Get out of the gutter and talk to the students that do care and the parents .
In every society you are going to have students that do not care , In St thomas we are condensed where good and bad are close to each other.
Teachers have rights and our rights have been taken away and we work extremly hard at our jobs . Spent a day in the trenches and then speak.
It is the governor and cabinet members that are disgraceful by paying us 1/2 of what we are worth . It was shameful of them to spend money the way they did. It was rude of them not to let us have a say in the budget cuts.
We are the teachers of the future leaders of the Virgin Islands and we demand respect

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What the hell is this nonsense? And do they know what WAPA will cost them?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Island Dairies

I will also miss drinking Island Dairies' milk from warm plastic bags, while using a flimsy plastic straw. But seriously? It's "saddened" and not "sadden." I thought that this was the big news of today, until I heard about one of our senators and the FBI. Moo! The race is on. Senators versus cows.
WTJX US Virgin Islands Public Television System
A VI landmark will be closing at the end of this year. Island Dairies has been providing tasty treats to the territory for more than 50 years and many in the community are sadden that this locally owned business will no longer be a part of the community. Newsline340's Aisha Webster reports.
Island Dairies-October 2, 2011
A VI landmark will be closing at the end of this year. Island Dairies has been providing tasty treats to the territory for more than 50 years and many in the community are sadden that this locally owned business will no longer be a part of the community....this feature aired on October 2, 2011.
Length: ‎13:13
93 · Like · · Share · 3 hours ago

Friday, September 30, 2011


Re: Storing Luggage In Florida???
September 28, 2011 09:32PM Registered: 2 months ago
Posts: 9
Um, can do without all the "if I were you", no offense............. I'm limited on days (2 weeks), have lots of people to visit in FLL and MIA, but want to visit the VI. I thought the VI people were "friendly"???? Sorry it is so offensive down there with lots of suggestions without reading a detailed question........ guess we will just go to Key West because we love it there and EVERYONE is friendly and have other friends there!


I wrote the question for an ANSWER, and I made it detailed to be sure there would be a GOOD answer. Not someone, whoever you are, asking an American if I know how far the trip is from Miami to STT or STX.

Sorry for the rant, but some of you "experts" need to chill out and stop making HIGH LEVEL BIZ EXECS THAT TRAVEL ALL THE TIME look like Dbags............. in short, your answer was a "know it all answer", BUT YOU DID NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION SO YOU DO NOT KNOW!

I thought only travel forums from NY answered questions like this..... I guess the VI is getting a lot of New Yorkers moving in............ so I am MOVING ON! KEY WEST FOR ME INSTEAD OF THE VI!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oh, it is so good to be home...

2. Re: First time trip in 3 weeks--what are some must-dos?
Sep 17, 2011, 7:02 PM

These are great answers--thank you! Exactly the kind of information I was hoping for.

Like I said, it was a silly bias. Despite the good snorkeling I'd heard about, I'd also heard about the preponderance of "Trustafarians" and how Americans were moving in and buying up land and making it difficult, if not impossible for the local islanders to own their own homes/properties. Well, okay, that's not such a silly bias now that I think of it. The silly part of the bias is that when I travel I want to leave US soil and use my passport, and while I'm sure that St. John has a fine West Indian culture, I had always preferred to experience West Indian culture on other islands.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Woo-hoo! Let's book a birthday party!

“ Skyride to Paradise Point is a rip-off and unsafe! ”
Sep 01, 2011, 6:55 PM

Was at Skyride to Paradise Point and there is rust on the tram. Some animals in the zoo had no water. The bird show you read about is no more. Children can put their fingers in the unattended animal cages. Floor boards on nature trail/zoo are loose, rotten and have holes in the - DANGEROUS. Stay in town!!! Oh, the food is horrible, overpriced and the drinks approach $10 - way too expensive.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I will post photos soon, but until then...I still heart Exit Zero, my hero. And "IslandHops" rocks as well.

Re: WAPA Monday morning
August 23, 2011 07:24AM
Re: WAPA Monday morning
August 23, 2011 07:48AM
What's up? For starters the caps lock key appears to be stuck on your keyboard.
Darn AT&T (and Sprint).
Exit Zero
Re: WAPA Monday morning
August 23, 2011 08:25AM
TSA guy9 - the airport welcomes walk ins without calling ahead and you should be able to sail through TSA and be off the island by noon.
Re: WAPA Monday morning
August 23, 2011 08:39AM
Were you trying to be funny?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

This is the second installment about a registered sex offender and a teacher moving here.

Re: Sex offenders Moving to USVI
August 24, 2011 08:59PM Registered: 4 days ago
Posts: 3
This was not a minor offence. We will be the only people left for him to live with. He has no one else to take him in. I never even thought about his crime effecting me as a teacher, but I believe you all are right. As a fellow teacher or parent I my self would want to know about things like this. I really appreciate all the information everyone has given me!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oh, please stay home. We don't need another registered sex offender here. And honey? You really need to stay in school.

Sex offenders Moving to USVI
August 21, 2011 06:13PM Registered: Yesterday
Posts: 2
Good Evening! My boyfriend and I are considering moving to the Island of St. Thomas in roughly a year. I will be a licensed teacher in May 2012 in art education and would like to start my career on the islands. He does not have a degree and is a wonderful in sales.

From what I have read, teaching jobs are available as well as retail sales.

My biggest concerns are: 1. Crime rate is high, though it was said its mainly over illegal drugs and is not usually random acts. Is this true? How bad does it affect everyday life?
2. My boyfriends dad is in jail in North Carolina. Once he is out ( 4 years after our move) he would be relocating with us. He would be a registered sex offender. I have not been able to find any information about his convictions keeping him from moving to the USVI.
3. Should I look to work for private or public schools? Should my boyfriend work to management positions here in the states, would this help him get a better job once in the USVI?

I appreciate any help/advice. Web links are also very welcome!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Do yourselves a favor, and just skip to the reply at the bottom of this mess. Funny!

Original post:

My name is Marcie and my husband, our dogs, and I are considering a move to St. John. We got married on October 30th, 2010 on Trunk Bay at sunset. It was absolutely gorgeous and was just a total dream! Our vacation was 10 days, 9 nights, and we didn't want to leave at the end of our vacation. I have traveled a lot around the main US states, but this was new to me. I could not have asked for a better vacation and have been thinking about moving to St. John ever since. I am a registered dental hygienist in both Missouri and Arkansas. I have been living and working in Harrison, AR since November 2009. Before that I had lived in small little town, Greenfield, MO my entire life. So my personality is usually very safe, cautious, and I generally do not like change, but St. John may have changed some of that! Lately my life has been very stressful with a job focused on production, production, production. I am dreaming of a life with much less stress and a go with the flow feeling where everyone is not so busy, busy, busy! Since I have been thinking of making this move, I have looked into the possibility of practicing dental hygiene and I would feel more financially secure if I had another career to fall back on as well. I have been looking into going to school for massage therapy. My dream plan would be to work 1-2 days as a dental hygienist and 2-3 days as a massage therapist. I love dental hygiene, but the stress is outrageous! So I figured working both careers would not be so stressful. This thought originated when I was on vacation in Aruba with my husband, mom, and brother late this May. The massage therapists at our resort were giving massages at the "Spa Cove" where it was basically a little tiki hut out over the water facing the beautiful ocean! I thought how perfect, they just seemed so relaxed at their job and that they must love it and may not have as much stress as what a 40 hr a week dental hygiene job brings. This is my dream, but I have a few very important questions that I have been trying to answer. Can I financially make it with those kind of jobs? Can my husband make a contribution by waiting tables or anything that he could find that interests him? Can we live comfortably without having to live paycheck to paycheck? We live very comfortably now with just my job. My husband has been trying to get a used car business started but has yet to make profit. Would I be able to afford some place to rent/buy that would have room outside for our 4 big outside dogs and our 1 indoor dog? Would we ever get bored (as here now we can drive to several places of entertainment.)? If anyone reads this and has any comments or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate any replies as I contemplate this huge adventurous move!


Consider paragraphs

Friday, August 12, 2011

No, please stop giving out incorrect information! This shit makes me nuts.

I have never stayed at Perelandra but type that in to the search on this forum and I'm sure someone has!~The car barge is either at 3:00 or 5:00 from Red Hook

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Too funny!

Original post:

Hi everyone. I recently found out about a job opening at the St. Croix Avis newspaper, and was curious if anyone had any opinions or feelings about the paper. I'm graduating from college this summer, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that maybe, just maybe, this could be my ticket to move down to the V.I. (My family has taken a vacation there, and I've been in love with the place ever since.)

So if anyone has any insight on the newspaper, since it doesn't have a web site, that would be wonderful! Thank you for any advice or help in advance!


I agree with Eastender about the Avis. It's a real local paper for STX. The do need a proofreader desperately. In one obituary it stated that the man died of "Lew Kemea". I almost fell over laughing.