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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sure 'ting! Let me get right on this for you!

I am moving down to Saint John and am trying to find information on 
Long Term Rental. I would like to know about long term rentals, I have 
seen in Enighed 1 bed 1 bath or studio apartments for rent around $850 
a month. Does this seem about average? Does anyone know of a 
property management company that runs long term rentals? Or if anyone 
happens to be going by Connections would you look at the board and let 
me know who is looking for a long term tenant, Thank you. I am easy to 
please, as far as accommodations go, If there is a space in an attic or 
storage building that can be converted to a living space I can convert 
it for them. Thanks again!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ive experiance working in Cooney Island, Etc. I'm lookin foar a petty unbeleievable furture doin the same in the uSVI.

BTW I am not joking - it is in every store windown in the city.
FYI every rental car company has fees that they can 
charge you from having an un-issured wreck to not 
cleaning the car or jeep and removing sand in the carpet.
Has anyone ever seen Mozart Gold chocolate licqueur 
in STT or STJ?
but saw it this w/e at our local store and its up to 19.99. 
Ive thought about taking a day trip to St. Thomas.
We basically though only say it coming and going 
from St John.
I would suggest going Downtown foar a bit of 
shopping and lunch at the green hous
Just cause I have bad habit doesn"t mean should pass 
it on to them.
I think the reaming hotel rooms are so expensive is 
because there are fewer units.
Take the advise of ordering the Feet, Fins and Four-Wheel 
Drive book.
It is a fabulous experiance daytime for snorkling or for a 
moonlight cruise!
I realize that it's typical in the Carribean to have a lot of 
roosters around, they're unbeleievable on Tortola.

I swear one day last year Trunk looked like Cooney Island... 
Spring Break, in my opinion, is a monster all it's own
I am not a true old timer, but i have been visitin g the area since 
the mid 80's and it has gotten A LOT busier-- 
even in season Lameshur was a safe bet for being petty much 
deserted--not so now. 
Don't recall ever sending spring breakers to the uSVI, mostly 
Cancun, Florida, Etc. Hate to see thos on vacation. For crying
 out loud, smile and wish 
me a nice day.
 i would love to c this villa, i am lookin to work in a villa 
sometime in the furture, tired, of kitchen work, just doin 
something else

Not True, You don't any income tax earned on the island How 
much is the Rum Tax we pay Direct to the US for starters. 
We pay more than any three towns in the states.
Anyone know which house this is? You can PM me if you don't 
wnat to announce it.
Opps, gotta go! Just heard another water truck honk his horn. 
Now where did I put my heckbook?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

OOG? OMB? OCB? WTF? And "they" say the VI Government will be penniless by June? No shit.


And we know that the chatter about cutting payroll is just more smoke and mirrors from this Administration.  In the month of March, the following positions, and salaries, were added to the Government payroll:
Department of Public Works (DPW) Special Asst to the Commissioner, $70,000 ; DPW CIP Project Administrator $80,000; DPW CIP Project Coordinator , $70,000; DPW Special Asst to the Commissioner, $70,000; IRB Tax Advocate, $72,500; IRB Chief Financial Officer, $75,000; Office of the Governor (OOG) Housekeeper/Attendant , $ 23,000; OOG ADA Coordinator, $75,000; OMB Special Assistant to the Director, $92,000; OMB Senior Coordinating Officer,$41,506; Office of Collective Bargaining (OCB) Administrative Specialist, $34,650; OCB Labor Relations Coordinator, $49,440; OCB Paralegal $49,400.

Monday, April 12, 2010

More shit left at the dumpsters.

What the fuck is this shit? A water heater, which may have rolled down a hill? A car door? Thanks, but I am all set.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No, 'tanks!

A replacement tank of propane was delivered today. First, it looks like shit people leave next to the dumpsters. And, next, it's fucking leaking.