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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fuck you, Worst Bank.

Date / Time:3/31/2010 3:14 pm AST
Message:Good day,

I am so frustrated right now.  Late February I placed an order online at First
Bank for a check reorder, and received a confirmation.  Several weeks go
by, no checks.  I called and Harland told me that we can no longer order
checks online, and that I'd have to go to the bank.

I dropped the check order form in the ATM at the Cruz Bay branch on
3/18/10 (I have the ATM receipt).  Still no checks, as of today.  I went
upstairs to customer service and was told, quite rudely, that I shouldn't
have used the ATM and that tellers don't handle check reorders. 
Apparently, it would be too difficult for a teller to send the reorder slip
UPSTAIRS.  The woman who I was working with did reorder them, so it will
be at least a week before I receive them.

And now I am OUT OF CHECKS.  And I have people to pay.  I asked about
getting temporary checks, and was told there was a $1 fee per check.  No

I am disgusted, to say the least.  I called the Waterfront branch to file a
complaint, but was not able to get a live person.

I would appreciate a call from someone to discuss this further, or my two
accounts are going to be closed and moved to Merchants.  I am THRILLED
with their customer service. 

By the way, your website is down, so this is the only way I can figure to get
through to someone.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Here we go again.

We just bought a sufa, ottoman, ship deck chair, outdoor rug, bar stools, 
and a fun afternoon…they have remarkable outdoor furniture 

from these pics this shop looks fabulous and holds the promise of 
offering an exception shopping experience. 

Walking downn the street or on a beach or a ballfield somewhere?please… 
And don’t even start with the ciggy butt discussion – that’s not what this 
is a bout.


Now that is what I call “island pizzas!

My home decor inside an out is “island”

I would be curious to hear what local bar and restaurant owners have 
to say because this will have an affect on their business.

its as good as rolling your rack of lamb in the streets of manhattan before 
eating it!saying st john cops will havethe authority to enforce a smoking 
ban is like saying the 9 ft Homeland Security Fence on the St john ferry 
dock is gonna keep out illegal aliens from the entire perimeter of the 
island!that si a joke unto itself!
allie Mae is evil. Especially for giving out loans for a school that 
was losing it's accreditation.
There are none of us so we need a 5 bedroom place at minimum
 and half of the group wants to stay at a higher-end villa and the 
other half wants a bargain. 

This is funny!
In light of the continuing "Comedy of Errors" committed by the
DeWolf/Francis administration, we have learned that these bags
will be distributed to DeWolf & his wolverines.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Nice! Dead ball in your pool! Let me buy this house.

The longest arrival of my life.

Goodness. Flight landed at 12:05.  Guests had the directions to call me both from the airport and from the ferry. Well, no calls. My calls to their cell went unanswered, and had no voice mail.

So I wait, and wait. 1:45, phone rings. "Hi, we're here and at the dock." I told them I'd be right down, and that they should have called sooner so they didn't have to wait. Her reply, "We're having lunch and will be ready in an hour. We'll call you when we are ready." Are you fucking kidding me?

Off I go to do my errands. And still no call, it's 3:00 now. So I walk down to the restaurant, and there they are, having their blender drinks. I told them I needed to get them to the house, and first they said they had to wave to the web cam for everyone back home.

Next stop, the car rental. Which took 40 minutes. Finally to the house. At the driveway, I tell them to drive forward a few hundred yards, and turn around in the bottom of the first driveway that I was pointing to, and turn around. There they go! Right past the driveway!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I tood a look at my coputer, as per the advise of my tax-driver, and this is what my eyese ready. Have a good Thursday's.

Back in the 80's, as newlyweds, my husband and I tood a
 trip to St Croix (our 1st trip to the Virgin Islands) 

Cool idea! I'll be checking it out. The 
spicecam is on my coputer screen 
every day! It's like crack 
for me :)I am down hin STT now
We've been 3 time sin August
I can't wait to put all the planning behind me 
and plant my but in the sand!!!
I missed RUth our last trip but hope to catch 
up if we get back in May 
Therefore, if your tax-driver is on 

"island-time" a was sometimes rude 
or in my eyese, an excuse to be slow.
To me, the key is to put yourself on island time 
when your on islands like STX. 
In the morning we havea leisurely breakfast 
Repost since noone replied before. We're coming this Saturday for 2 weeks 
and like to know if there is a place to get life music schedules on St. John. ________________________________________________
And please anymore advise is surely welcome.

So if you don’t like crowds or extremely long lines and waits for food 
then avoid Magens and Emerald beach on Tuesday’s.

What will happen if those cruise ship people ready this and begin ruining 
the beaches people in the know frequent on cruise ship days?

And, last. No typos, boo, but this is just gross:

It'll be here before we know it. Don't take this the wrong way, 
but this is kind of like the wonderful time before the climax...
 ( of being on STJ...) 


This is so awesome!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I guess this is what a bed should look like, after two people spent four nights with four cases of beer!

This pain's me.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Be careful out there!

Maho Bay, Sunday
Because I am so very nosy, I asked this guy what that stick was that he was taking in the water (look to his left, the stick is floating). He said it's a shark prod of some type, and it telescopes out to be used to punch a shark in the eyes. OK, then!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Dream on!

My husband and I are planning a 30th anniversary trip to 
St. John late in October. Someone mentioned to me the 
other day not to plan to do much sightseeing on our own - 
that she was under the impression that sightseeing away 
from the populated areas was dangerous on both St. Thomas 
and St. John - that poverty was common and crime was likely.

My husband and I are looking forward to renting a cottage 
near Coral Beach and spending a quiet week exploring the 
island, snorkeling and just generally poking around, spending 
time getting to know the island.

Budget for house would be ideally $1000 to $1200 - which I 
think is reasonable. Must haves? Pool would be nice or jacuzzi 
but certainly not necessary. More wishful for a house with lots of 
windows to open to catch the breezes - I have dreams of waking 
up to the birds, the sun and cool breezes floating over the bed.... 
Of course, I'd love a short walk in the morning to get coffee and 
breakfast sitting outdoors at a pleasant restaurant and enjoying 
the breeze, but want to be in a private house...

But mostly want a laid back vacation, privacy, with sites to see 
if we are so moved - stopping at beaches, forests, etc when 
we are inclined and see something that interests us. 

Not really shoppers - but sounds like if we get antsy for people 
and buying things, we can hop over to Saint Thomas relatively easily.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sfter party.

 Bar hopping for wedding guests sfter party (with Piper?) 
Mar 04, 2010, 11:55 PM
I have been getting many questions about where the crew is going to go in 
June after the wedding dinner is done..
Since I have learned that STJ spots can change with the seasons (The Balcony :), 
are the same bars still there that were there last November?
PS: Will the cousins get a ticket if they do the bar hopping playing the pipes (bagpipes) at night?
Bagpipes?!? That will surely draw some attention! 
But I don't think it will invoke any ticket writing.
From original poster:
Thank you again for the info..
We will be roaming about that night and wanted to know if I was on the drums and 
the cousins had the pipes if we would end up playing them in a STJ cell. :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Random typos. Don't try to make sense of them!

You have taken loss of your senses - stick with the BVI - 
visit St, John's for a day. We woudl love to have you at Euphoria. 

Last night the hubby and I ate at xxx. 
I'm glad that we decided to go. I really 
liked how open and cramped everything was. 
Even though there was a party and other diners 
it almost seemed like we were all alone. 
{A reply, and very sadly, NOT from me:  
I'm confused by the description of 
"open and cramped". Can you explain??}

forum mamber gathering late March early April

Hi, Actually our favorite spot for Sunsets is right in front of the 
Beach Bar in Cruz Bay !!! Have gotten some Beautiful shots 
that have framed ! maybe some other posters will chime in 
with thier faves :)

Coral Bay Dingie?

And bare in mind, this is on the invoice we received before we've even 
made the trip and it's not part of a security deposit.

Budget -- less that $1400 for the week would be preferrable.

One of it's most distinctive features is the beautiful island stonework

A way from the hustle and bustle of town

There were other villas closed by but you don't really see them. 

Thoughs, especially from locals?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nope! Carnival parade is NEVER on a Sunday, and July 4th falls on a Sunday this year. You people are arguing over nothing. And yes, the car rental agencies ARE closed on parade day. 'Nuff said.

 Leaving St. John on July 4th 
I had planned to stay on St. John this year
 from June 27th to July 4th, but when we went
 to book a villa, our rep explained that it will be
 very difficult to leave the island on the 4th of July
 due to Carnival. We're considering moving our 
departure date to July 3 - does anyone know if it's 
difficult to get in/out of St. John on this day?
Everything is closed on July 4th, including car rentals 
so you will have to return your car on the 3rd. 
It will be hard to get a taxi so you may have a very 
tough time getting to the ferry.
I would change it to the 3rd or spend your last night on STT.
I wouldn't say everything is closed, actually, I would say most places remain open. You would have to check with the car rental companies to be sure. They do close the streetdown for the parade late morning. So you would have to get moving early (before 10am). The ferries will be very busy, and town will be congested. 

Perhaps you know something I don't but in trying to help friends that wanted to be on island for Carnival, they were not able to find a car rental agency open on the 4th.