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Friday, March 19, 2010

Dream on!

My husband and I are planning a 30th anniversary trip to 
St. John late in October. Someone mentioned to me the 
other day not to plan to do much sightseeing on our own - 
that she was under the impression that sightseeing away 
from the populated areas was dangerous on both St. Thomas 
and St. John - that poverty was common and crime was likely.

My husband and I are looking forward to renting a cottage 
near Coral Beach and spending a quiet week exploring the 
island, snorkeling and just generally poking around, spending 
time getting to know the island.

Budget for house would be ideally $1000 to $1200 - which I 
think is reasonable. Must haves? Pool would be nice or jacuzzi 
but certainly not necessary. More wishful for a house with lots of 
windows to open to catch the breezes - I have dreams of waking 
up to the birds, the sun and cool breezes floating over the bed.... 
Of course, I'd love a short walk in the morning to get coffee and 
breakfast sitting outdoors at a pleasant restaurant and enjoying 
the breeze, but want to be in a private house...

But mostly want a laid back vacation, privacy, with sites to see 
if we are so moved - stopping at beaches, forests, etc when 
we are inclined and see something that interests us. 

Not really shoppers - but sounds like if we get antsy for people 
and buying things, we can hop over to Saint Thomas relatively easily.

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