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Monday, March 15, 2010

Random typos. Don't try to make sense of them!

You have taken loss of your senses - stick with the BVI - 
visit St, John's for a day. We woudl love to have you at Euphoria. 

Last night the hubby and I ate at xxx. 
I'm glad that we decided to go. I really 
liked how open and cramped everything was. 
Even though there was a party and other diners 
it almost seemed like we were all alone. 
{A reply, and very sadly, NOT from me:  
I'm confused by the description of 
"open and cramped". Can you explain??}

forum mamber gathering late March early April

Hi, Actually our favorite spot for Sunsets is right in front of the 
Beach Bar in Cruz Bay !!! Have gotten some Beautiful shots 
that have framed ! maybe some other posters will chime in 
with thier faves :)

Coral Bay Dingie?

And bare in mind, this is on the invoice we received before we've even 
made the trip and it's not part of a security deposit.

Budget -- less that $1400 for the week would be preferrable.

One of it's most distinctive features is the beautiful island stonework

A way from the hustle and bustle of town

There were other villas closed by but you don't really see them. 

Thoughs, especially from locals?

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