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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fuck you, Worst Bank.

Date / Time:3/31/2010 3:14 pm AST
Message:Good day,

I am so frustrated right now.  Late February I placed an order online at First
Bank for a check reorder, and received a confirmation.  Several weeks go
by, no checks.  I called and Harland told me that we can no longer order
checks online, and that I'd have to go to the bank.

I dropped the check order form in the ATM at the Cruz Bay branch on
3/18/10 (I have the ATM receipt).  Still no checks, as of today.  I went
upstairs to customer service and was told, quite rudely, that I shouldn't
have used the ATM and that tellers don't handle check reorders. 
Apparently, it would be too difficult for a teller to send the reorder slip
UPSTAIRS.  The woman who I was working with did reorder them, so it will
be at least a week before I receive them.

And now I am OUT OF CHECKS.  And I have people to pay.  I asked about
getting temporary checks, and was told there was a $1 fee per check.  No

I am disgusted, to say the least.  I called the Waterfront branch to file a
complaint, but was not able to get a live person.

I would appreciate a call from someone to discuss this further, or my two
accounts are going to be closed and moved to Merchants.  I am THRILLED
with their customer service. 

By the way, your website is down, so this is the only way I can figure to get
through to someone.

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