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Friday, March 26, 2010

The longest arrival of my life.

Goodness. Flight landed at 12:05.  Guests had the directions to call me both from the airport and from the ferry. Well, no calls. My calls to their cell went unanswered, and had no voice mail.

So I wait, and wait. 1:45, phone rings. "Hi, we're here and at the dock." I told them I'd be right down, and that they should have called sooner so they didn't have to wait. Her reply, "We're having lunch and will be ready in an hour. We'll call you when we are ready." Are you fucking kidding me?

Off I go to do my errands. And still no call, it's 3:00 now. So I walk down to the restaurant, and there they are, having their blender drinks. I told them I needed to get them to the house, and first they said they had to wave to the web cam for everyone back home.

Next stop, the car rental. Which took 40 minutes. Finally to the house. At the driveway, I tell them to drive forward a few hundred yards, and turn around in the bottom of the first driveway that I was pointing to, and turn around. There they go! Right past the driveway!

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