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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Here we go again.

We just bought a sufa, ottoman, ship deck chair, outdoor rug, bar stools, 
and a fun afternoon…they have remarkable outdoor furniture 

from these pics this shop looks fabulous and holds the promise of 
offering an exception shopping experience. 

Walking downn the street or on a beach or a ballfield somewhere?please… 
And don’t even start with the ciggy butt discussion – that’s not what this 
is a bout.


Now that is what I call “island pizzas!

My home decor inside an out is “island”

I would be curious to hear what local bar and restaurant owners have 
to say because this will have an affect on their business.

its as good as rolling your rack of lamb in the streets of manhattan before 
eating it!saying st john cops will havethe authority to enforce a smoking 
ban is like saying the 9 ft Homeland Security Fence on the St john ferry 
dock is gonna keep out illegal aliens from the entire perimeter of the 
island!that si a joke unto itself!
allie Mae is evil. Especially for giving out loans for a school that 
was losing it's accreditation.
There are none of us so we need a 5 bedroom place at minimum
 and half of the group wants to stay at a higher-end villa and the 
other half wants a bargain. 

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