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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oh, please stay home. We don't need another registered sex offender here. And honey? You really need to stay in school.

Sex offenders Moving to USVI
August 21, 2011 06:13PM Registered: Yesterday
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Good Evening! My boyfriend and I are considering moving to the Island of St. Thomas in roughly a year. I will be a licensed teacher in May 2012 in art education and would like to start my career on the islands. He does not have a degree and is a wonderful in sales.

From what I have read, teaching jobs are available as well as retail sales.

My biggest concerns are: 1. Crime rate is high, though it was said its mainly over illegal drugs and is not usually random acts. Is this true? How bad does it affect everyday life?
2. My boyfriends dad is in jail in North Carolina. Once he is out ( 4 years after our move) he would be relocating with us. He would be a registered sex offender. I have not been able to find any information about his convictions keeping him from moving to the USVI.
3. Should I look to work for private or public schools? Should my boyfriend work to management positions here in the states, would this help him get a better job once in the USVI?

I appreciate any help/advice. Web links are also very welcome!


  1. PLEASE tell me this a joke post. What jackhole wants to bring her sex offender future father-in-law (who must be a real monster to actually serve FOUR YEARS for a sex crime!!) with her ANY WHERE much less any where NEAR a school????

    My advice, surrender your teaching certificate NOW as you are and idot !!!

  2. Aaaaaaahhh!!!! Oh my God, people. In what kind of world do you ask open questions about that kind of thing? As if she is just saying, "My boyfriend's dad sunburns easily. Do you think that would keep us from moving to the VIs?" Keep away, for God's sake.


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