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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Do yourselves a favor, and just skip to the reply at the bottom of this mess. Funny!

Original post:

My name is Marcie and my husband, our dogs, and I are considering a move to St. John. We got married on October 30th, 2010 on Trunk Bay at sunset. It was absolutely gorgeous and was just a total dream! Our vacation was 10 days, 9 nights, and we didn't want to leave at the end of our vacation. I have traveled a lot around the main US states, but this was new to me. I could not have asked for a better vacation and have been thinking about moving to St. John ever since. I am a registered dental hygienist in both Missouri and Arkansas. I have been living and working in Harrison, AR since November 2009. Before that I had lived in small little town, Greenfield, MO my entire life. So my personality is usually very safe, cautious, and I generally do not like change, but St. John may have changed some of that! Lately my life has been very stressful with a job focused on production, production, production. I am dreaming of a life with much less stress and a go with the flow feeling where everyone is not so busy, busy, busy! Since I have been thinking of making this move, I have looked into the possibility of practicing dental hygiene and I would feel more financially secure if I had another career to fall back on as well. I have been looking into going to school for massage therapy. My dream plan would be to work 1-2 days as a dental hygienist and 2-3 days as a massage therapist. I love dental hygiene, but the stress is outrageous! So I figured working both careers would not be so stressful. This thought originated when I was on vacation in Aruba with my husband, mom, and brother late this May. The massage therapists at our resort were giving massages at the "Spa Cove" where it was basically a little tiki hut out over the water facing the beautiful ocean! I thought how perfect, they just seemed so relaxed at their job and that they must love it and may not have as much stress as what a 40 hr a week dental hygiene job brings. This is my dream, but I have a few very important questions that I have been trying to answer. Can I financially make it with those kind of jobs? Can my husband make a contribution by waiting tables or anything that he could find that interests him? Can we live comfortably without having to live paycheck to paycheck? We live very comfortably now with just my job. My husband has been trying to get a used car business started but has yet to make profit. Would I be able to afford some place to rent/buy that would have room outside for our 4 big outside dogs and our 1 indoor dog? Would we ever get bored (as here now we can drive to several places of entertainment.)? If anyone reads this and has any comments or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate any replies as I contemplate this huge adventurous move!


Consider paragraphs


  1. Cough!!! Cough?!@#$ So many comments, so few paragraphs.

  2. Thanks Timmy! We average 500 daily readers, so you're only famous for a day or two. But your reply still rocked! Oh, and lookie here. It's raining again. I am poking my eyeballs out.

  3. I always get a kick out of people who are retarded. Just because you have "vacationed in St. John" does not mean living here is going to be a vacation. They think all their problems will go away, in reality they will just follow. Not to mention how difficult it can be to find a job (unless you are a millionaire) plus the high cost of living. Coupled In with ignorant tourists who are destroying the island little by little. Political corruption is at it's finest as well. I honestly think the National Park Service needs to just shut down some of the beaches and not allow public access. They could allow "special permits" for guides to be kind of like a babysitter and educational guru. Every year, I am seeing it more congested, more homes being built, and the beaches are going downhill a little bit more each time. It's very sad.


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