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Monday, October 17, 2011

This scares me.

You have no idea what you are talking about .I worked in 3 schools in St.Thomas and have never ever seen a teacher not caring. Instead I seen teachers work until after 5 at their schools, come in on Saturdays and spend lots of money out of there pockets for there student.
Attendance is not a problem we come to school everyday . We get paid 1/2 of the salary that teachers in the states get paid. I know because worked in the states .
Instead of taking 8 percent from our salary maybe there should be no expense account for the cabinet members or SUV.
The governor saw the problem of the ecomony so did the senate way before this year but kept on spending .
Teacher are still worried will we bee laid off more cuts. Many teachers have retired and there is no replacements . So we have to teach larger classes .
The teachers are not selfish but concerned about the education of our young people. Get out of the gutter and talk to the students that do care and the parents .
In every society you are going to have students that do not care , In St thomas we are condensed where good and bad are close to each other.
Teachers have rights and our rights have been taken away and we work extremly hard at our jobs . Spent a day in the trenches and then speak.
It is the governor and cabinet members that are disgraceful by paying us 1/2 of what we are worth . It was shameful of them to spend money the way they did. It was rude of them not to let us have a say in the budget cuts.
We are the teachers of the future leaders of the Virgin Islands and we demand respect


  1. Whoa. There are no words (in proper English anyway).

  2. Someone is playing a joke on you, because this was obviously written by a 3rd grader posing as a teacher.

  3. Teacher, you may want to correct your spelling for the possessive from "there" to "their"...also, in the same sentence; "Instead I (have)seen teachers work until after 5 at their schools, come in on Saturdays and spend lots of money out of there(their) pockets for there(their) student(s)."

  4. Wow!!! I see a problem brewing with those future leaders. I hope this in not an English teacher! Maybe this person is on an Administration track such they can fix THEIR teachers pay THERE in the islands.

  5. Let's hope this was written by an elementary gym teacher. Yikes!


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