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Thursday, December 15, 2011

My brain is going to explode.

Hello! In brief we are looking for a completely private honeymoon villa that offers fantastic beach/ocean views and once-in-a-lifetime romantic amenities such as our own private pool, hot tub, hammock, and outdoor shower, all for about $200-400 per night from June 18-26, 2012. Additionally, we'd like a villa that is somehow quite mosquito/bug free (as I assume resorts would be) such as being clean, and closed with A/C. I wonder if you think there is anything in your specific location that would work for us? Below is additional context I am sending out broadly. Thank you in advance for any feedback you can provide!

My name is XXX and I'm from the center of the United States. I am fortunate to be marrying a wonderful woman next year and we are looking for a honeymoon week in June of 2012 somewhere near a beach. Honestly we are hoping to keep all travel and airfare total for the both of us as near $3,200 as possible, and we believe June 2012 will be in low season for many beach paradise getaways which may give us the chance to afford it. (We are already working to earn airfare discounts by using special credit cards, etc.) We don't really care where we go but are looking for specific things that for us make up the most romantic honeymoon getaway - a home/house/villa with basically as much privacy (away from civilization) as possible, with some luxuries (important once-in-a-lifetime amenities of private pool, outdoor/"alfresco" shower, and outdoor jacuzzi), and views and access to quite private beaches. I think you'll find we can describe almost exactly what we are looking for as I continue below.

We like simplicity and flexibility, and will probably spend most of our time around the house if it is private and nice, such as laying out at the pool, cooking breakfast and maybe even dinner together (need a grocery run to get some eggs, etc.), playing board games together, watching shows, etc. And then we'll be at the beach, where we'd like friendly waters for swimming and hopefully snorkeling (we are fit 30 year olds). Nice but not too necessary would be a few unique restaurants to try out. We are pretty shy and cautious, and not big party people. If we can get something resembling a "paradise" home for a week that is a complete, romantic, honeymoon getaway, we'd feel very blessed.

I do extensive research and analysis on the internet, but is becoming overwhelming trying to look at all the regions surrounding the United States for something ideal and, while it is very hard for me to totally trust anyone over the internet and email, I am hoping to get an honest insider's opinion. Some locations I've researched are the coasts of the U.S. and Mexico, Maui in Hawaii, Fiji (WAY too expensive to fly there), and in the caribbean the Bahamas/Caicos (which seem the cheapest), St. Lucia, St. Maarten / St. Martin, the USVI's of St. Thomas and St. John's, and BVI's like Tortola (I assume the rest of the BVI's are more like private islands that we could not nearly afford).

With all that in mind, would you be so kind as to offer any best bets for our romantic, paradise getaway? Again, we are looking for a private home/house/villa structure hidden and all to ourselves, so we don't think resorts/hotels/condos which consist of multiple units would work for us. Do you think anything like what we envision exists? To clarify on concessions we could make for more affordable lodging: we would for example be fine with a small square foot, we need great views but do not have to be right on the beach (in fact up on a hill seems likely more secluded for us), and we have no need for many activities, massages, hotspots, nightlife, etc.

Last note is that, honestly, we are somewhat nervous about going outside the U.S. and we'd have to get passports. For example, the 4 wheel drive requirement we keep reading about on some of the steep Virgin Islands sounds a bit daunting (though I think we would do it). I also wonder things like where a hospital is located should something happen, especially outside the U.S. We hope to find information and real people who will qualm our fears. Also for example, Tortola BVI looks great, but I believe the USVI like St. John's or any United States territory would not require a passport and would be within U.S. jurisdiction and laws (should something unforeseen happen).

Thanks again for your time, and any response you can provide will be very much appreciated!


  1. Oh JeeezAss! Just go to Florida and shut up already.

  2. I smell a D-I-V-O-R-C-E in the future (should someting unforseen/ a once-in- lifetime- thing happen etc.)

  3. I'd give almost anything to be in the taxi from STT to Redhook with these two. Imagine the brides face as she gets stuffed into the back seat of the mini van and discovers that the A/C isn't quite working...hahahaha


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