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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Well, I guess she should look pretty raggedy if she just motored all the way from California.


  1. We took the same ferry when we were there in Feb. , I couldn't believe it, we have never seen this pitiful vessel before and at times I thought we wouldn't make it! Nothing was said as we departed from the dock, I was looking around for the life jackets. I was sure we were being hijacked, based on the condition of the boat and the appearance of the "crew". Retire this wreck!

  2. Come on, I mean it's only 20 mins or 45 mins. Guess these are the same type of folks that have a stretch limo pick them up for their ride to the airport on the mainland.

    I actually get a kick out of riding the old raggedy ferries. It kinda sets the tone for our laid-back visits, the transition to island time, and the whole STJ experience.

    ....there's always private water taxis for those bothered by the ferries.

  3. You know going through the Panama Canal can put a lot of wear & tear on a boat! ;)

  4. How much do they charge for a San Francisco - Cruise Bay ticket? Do we have to pay extra for our suitcases? Do the boats leave hourly?

    We plan to bring 3 months worth of food in a big ass cooler because, heavens, we wouldn't want to have to buy anything locally.

    Furthermore, we're bringing our own SUV and gas. We read somewhere that we can drive on the right side of the road if we're in our own stateside vehicle.

    We're really looking forward to experiencing all St. Johns has to offer.


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