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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Alot? And you're a reporter?

Hammering hard and loving every minuteIn 3 days, La Vuelta encircles the entire island of Puerto Rico. The total distance is 375 miles. The shortest day’s ride is 94 miles. And, while the total elevation gain for the entire ride is only 11,000 feet, the few serious climbs on the route are STEEP. Some of the grades exceeded 15% and go on long enough that they’ve got to hurt. Riders are divided into three pelotons. The fast group rode at 25-30 M.P.H., the middle group at 20-25 M.P.H. and the “slow” group at about 18 M.P.H.
Riders in this year's LaVuelta tour on Puerto Rico.
Puerto Rico has the three day La Vuelta Lighthouse Tour, 
covering 375 miles around the entire island. 
The Tour de France has, well, alot of France

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