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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Travel Forums

About ten years ago, I learned about travel forums from a guest of mine. She and her husband rented a home that, unfortunately, was broken into during their stay. I was the person who greeted them and took them to their rental home, and during my orientation, I was quite thorough in advising them to lock up. I think her answer was, "We know about locking up, we're from New York City."

Once we found out about the break-in, we jumped through hoops to help them, including moving them to another home, lending them cash, and obtaining a copy of the police report.

They thanked us for our help while they were here, and no sooner did they get home, they went on one travel forum, and ripped us to pieces. We were "unresponsive", "couldn't care less", and "did nothing to help them out." In all fairness, the moderator of this website deleted her post. But after that experience, I began reading them on a daily basis, a combination of curiosity and damage control. And funny how this guest was the one who told me about this forum in the first place.

People are strange. They share such personal things online, writing about a week spent in a drunken, bloody blur. Recent comments from some trip reports:

  • Our trip down was uneventful. I do recommend the Delta Travel Treats package. For $5 you get a really nice snack of salami, crackers, cheeses, chips, Mint Milanos, and dried cranberries. We bought two extra for beach snacks the next day. {Buying extra airline food? Blech.}
  • I hit my head and had to go to the clinic. LOL. We had a great week and will perfect it even more next year. We need less and less booze, and more soda, water and juice! {No shit.}
  • Needless to say, the place was deelish. We all unpacked-(which is secret code for "having sex")-(at least it was for me & Amy)- and then we actually unpacked. {What is wrong with you people?}
  • While our cohorts were "unpacking", I decided to check out the rest of the home, the 3rd bedroom. It was equally coupled with yet another Roman Styled Orgy styled shower.-These bathrooms were huge. Lots of space. Strange, and wonderful...{Roman Styled Orgy styled shower? No, YOU are strange.}
  • Can't wait to til you hear about me & Bobbys' hike!!! {Golly! Me & My Friends' can't wait to til hear!}

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