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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Parking, again.

Email from building manager to all of the tenants:

Please be aware that the parking lot is for the customers of the XXXX - your customers. Tenants are not allowed to park in the lot overnight - and please do not even consider parking for an extended period of time. Many of you are going away for the Holidays - we wish you well. If you want to find your car when you return, we strongly suggest you park it somewhere other than the XXXX parking lot.

Have a wonderful, fun-filled and prosperous Holiday.

Reply from one of those tenants:

Might I suggest a more diplomatic approach when communicating with your customers, threats are seldom appreciated.

Sort of humble reply from building manager:

My sincere apologies if it seemed to be a "threatening" email. It was not intended that way but more of a reminder of the parking lot rules that often get overlooked. I thought people would appreciate a reminder rather than a surprise when they returned to find that their car had been towed. I appreciate your comments and will be more careful in the future.
Happy Holidays, XX

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