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Friday, December 18, 2009

The integrity of YOUR agency? My word.

Thanks for your reply and assistance so far ..I am glad to tell you that we have concluded payment.
However we are going to send you my Visa Credit card details that will cover the cost of our trip,and the necessary arrangement.
Moreover, we also made an arrangement with a logistic traveling/ticketing agent. we have decided that only one person will have to handle the credit card information.
So once you are in receipt of it,you are required to charge the credit card,confirm the amount of ( $ 5,000 ) in your account then deduct the cost of your services ( $1,000 deposit ) and send ( $ 4,000 ) via western union, to the Logistic traveling/ticketing agent whose information will be forwarded to you once this is confirmed in your account.

Use the rest for the expenses.
So confirm this as i said and and provide me with your full information.


2) ADDRESS....

(3) PHONE NUMBERS for office records....
Please remember that the integrity of our agency is involved, so this business requires prompt response. I also hope the stay of the couples will be made comfortable.

Kind Regards,

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