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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Something screwy is going on here.

OK, so if you can see this picture of the frog that jumped me this evening, TERRIFIC! I don't mean terrific in the sense that I almost had a coronary, but great, because that means I am still alive. But I am getting some weird gobbly-gook when I try to post a photo on my end. So be it.

Moving onward.

Nice monsoon today for all of the holiday people. Boyfriend came over, then I had to move a car, so he gave me a near-death's ride to E&C to pick up my car. One windshield wiper, thankfully, it was on his side, and ridiculous puddles and hysteria on Jacob's Ladder. And then to return home to this thing lunging at my right arm.

Oh, and my phone is down, repair will be here after the New Year, STX Carnival, and Three King's Day.

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