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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Check back with us in five years.

Being a Midwife in St Thomas 
September 04, 2010 12:34PM

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Wow I've finally found a message board where posts are still in date! Thank you!

Anyway... my question is this...

I am relocating to St Thomas as I have family already living there, and Im currently 
studying a Degree in Midwifery in the UK. I would love to carry on my dream of being 
a Midwife in St Thomas but know that it's going to be very hard to persue this as my 
UK qualification wont what do I need to do once Im in St Thomas to start my
journey to becoming a Certified Professional Midwife? I want to specialise in Homebirths 
(even birth centre), antenatal classes, and newborn care...possibly with adolescent parents to be.

Could someone give me some valid info that I need, as much info as possible please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Your time is much appreciated : )

I can not wait to relocate(wont be for 5 yrs ish yet) but dont want anything to get in the way 
of having my dream career and caring for pregnant mums and thier newborns.

GreenShell xx

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