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Monday, November 29, 2010

And, the U.S. Postal Rates are going up again in January.

Original post:

So, it costs $58.00 to mail a 36 lb. box from Cola, SC to STJ Connections 
via USPS priority mail. It got there in 3 days. It costs $161.00 to mail a 33 lb. box 
priority mail from PostNet (formerly the Mail Center) from STJ to Cola, SC. 
I am still trying to undertand why the triple charge to mail it back. We opted for 
parcel post which was $52.00, mailed it back from STJ on 8/4 and are still 
waiting for it to arrive. Just a heads up if anyone takes this route. 
Guess we should have taken it directly to Cruz Bay USPS and mailed it out. 


Yes sooooo much cheaper to mail it directly from the PO. Just a heads up 
it takes 8-12 weeks for a package to arrive on STJ when mailed from the 
States via Parcel Post but have no idea how long it takes to arrive when 
mailed from this end. 

No-See-Um's comments:

Let's see. The Mail Center has to accept responsibility for your box, 
pay someone to haul it to town, find a parking spot, mail it for you, 
and keep adequate records and receipts.  And the last time I checked, 
they were not a non-profit organization. And yes, the person who 
replied is correct, to a degree:  Parcel Post takes four to six weeks 
coming to St. John, not eight to twelve weeks. But, let me not be petty.


  1. another old forum post, running out of new people to make fun of?

  2. Ah. 'Funny' is sad. I think the post is 'funny'! I also think it is 'funny' when people read blogs just to leave rude comments.

  3. But isn't this blog all about being rude? Just sayin'


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