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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yahoo, it's getting nasty! And, no, I did not write the last comment.

Cost of living
Where can I find such things as auto insurance costs and cell phone service? Not sure where to look.

Re: Cost of living
Is that your extent of COST OF LIVING? I would be more concerned about food, utility costs, lodging, cable, gas etc. Is that what you are looking for?

Re: Cost of living
The cost of auto insurance and cell phone service are the only things I could not find on the V.I. website. I just want to know how much for these two services. Example: My 12 year old Jeep is around $900.00 year for full coverage. Cell phone service in New Jersey is approx. $52.00 a month for 450 minutes with caller I.D. call waiting, long distance etc. for Verizon customers.

Re: Cost of living
If I wanted to be around rude sarcastic people I'll stay in New Jersey!!

Re: Cost of living
An option to consider

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