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Monday, September 13, 2010


Barshinger wins by 3,000 votes; at-large absentee ballot is flawed

Anyone voting on a Primary Election absentee ballot might have noticed a glaring error on the form under the “senator-at-large” section: There was no way to vote for candidate Sen. Craig Barshinger.

Barshinger was running against Ronnie Jones for the Democratic nomination, but there was no box to check next to his name on the absentee ballots.

“Bizarre,” Barshinger said. “Absolutely bizarre. Imagine having a ballot where they can’t even vote for you.”

The incumbent senator won the contest by a margin of about 3,000 votes, so the absentee ballots count will not change anything.

Supervisor of Elections John Abramson Jr. said the absentee ballot was an oversight.

“I looked at it,” Abramson said.

“It apparently got by us, and I apologize. I did the proofs, sent the ballot to St. Thomas, and I apologize.” 

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