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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"2 real adults"?

I've been reading trip reports for DAYS, maybe that's the problem! Due to a health 
setback I am at the last minute seeking accommodation for 10 days in July for 
2 real adults, a 20 year old, and 3 12-16 year olds. We are attending a wedding in 
St. Thomas so will be there for 5 nights and I think we'll want to be on St. John for 
the other 4 nights. We would like one of the locations to be on the beach however 
we are not really resort people, don't need crowds or shopping, do like good food 
but it doesn't have to be upscale. I expect the kids will want to do lots of soft adventuring: 
snorkeling, horseback riding, hiking, kayak/rafting, surfing and so on. I'm most concerned 
about the 20 year old and think maybe he would benefit from having places of interest 
(such as mild nightlife scenes) within some kind of walking distance. Is there anywhere 
to stay that is not a resort but is in walking distance of interesting sights and sounds? 
Our ideal would be what I think would be described as a "funky" resort-type place on the 
beach but I'm guessing that isn't what we'll find on these islands. Coconut Coast Villas on 
St. John has a great location but the rooms/balconies/pool seem a bit basic although with 
a budget of $500/night maybe that's the best we'll find? Basically if you want beachfront 
you're going with resorts, is that right? Seems that all the private rentals are sky high 
(literally, not financially) which makes me think we'll spend all day away somewhere 
doing the kids activities rather than driving up and down so much so if that's the case why 
rent a nice place? We're also considering Magen's Fancy Villa for the time on St. Thomas. 
Aw geez, would anyone just like to tell me where to go? The other real adult would be so relieved!

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