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Sunday, November 22, 2009


As a property manager, I really do not like brides, grooms, weddings, or honeymooners. More often than not, the brides lie to you, the rental villas are trashed, and the neighbors are pissed and call nonstop to complain about the late night, week-long parties. Just a few months ago, I had a groom fall out of a tree, crack three ribs, and spend the last night of his honeymoon in the clinic.

One of my favorite blogs to follow is

Several years ago, I received the following inquiry, and what do you think my answer was? NO.

My fiance and I saw the pictures of your Villa and we have fell in love with this Villa! We are getting married next year, and we would like to hold the ceremony on the beach in St. John's,and have a small reception at the Villa afterwards. (Of course we will be staying for the whole week). We have some questions which we have listed below...

1. The website says no kids allowed. There will be 2 children attending, both will be 18 months old next year...Is there anyway they could stay at the Villa? If not, would they at least be allowed at the Villa for the wedding reception?
2. How close is the nearest hotel, because we would have a few guests staying there.
3. The website says maximum guests is 10 people, but we have 12 people that would like to stay there...Is there anyway we could accommodate these 2 extra people? They are both 14 years old, so they could sleep on an air mattress or a pull out couch.
4. Is there someone that can help me with my wedding plans?
5. Are there any chef/housekeeping/bartending service available? (If so, can I have a price list for these services.)
6. How far is this Villa away from shopping, clubs, beaches, etc?
7. Are there rental cars available?
8. Which weeks are the off season summer rates? How is the weather during those weeks?
9. Is there a travel agent here in New York that can work with me more closely? If the questions are too much, you can feel free to call me.

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