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Thursday, November 12, 2009


Three days ago, I asked for a copy of a year-end 2008 mortgage statement from Scotiabank. Yesterday was a holiday, so I gave them an extra day. I picked up the "statement" today, and it is a letter, which reads exactly as follows, but the name and amount have been removed. (I need a scanner!) Here you have it:

Dear Ms. XXXXXX,

We advised that Interest Paid on your Residential Mortgage for Calendar year 2008 is $XXXXX.

Yours truly,


Now that is one well-written letter! What's up with the "we", as well as the bold print stuck in the middle, and the liberal use of capital letters? Soon come, the saga of helping a 9th grader with a history project, and a critique of a very poorly written advertisement for a rental home on St. John.

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