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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This is just amazing, on many levels. Mario Moorhead is accusing the governor of the USVI of not having a "moral compass?" Hmm. The same Moorhead who encouraged the restaurant sit-ins on STJ six or seven years ago? Or longer, time flies. "Good for nuttin'?" SMH

So very sorry! I still can't post a live link, so shut the hell up. Hello, J? Help me here. So cut and paste this, and then download the radio broadcasts (it takes a few minutes, but really, do it), and then you will be as dumbfounded as I am right now:

I say do it quickly, before they yank this post down. Because if I owned that radio station, Moorhead would be so off the air it wasn't funny, and this post would be removed. I know you are not supposed to start a sentence with "Because," but there you have it from me. Since I am speechless right now.

On another note, Innovative can KISS MY ASS!!! My hair is growing grey while I try to post this. Grrrrr...


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