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Friday, January 27, 2012

Ahhhh! Stop already! My brain is going to explode.

rainman on January 27, 2012 at 8:22 am

hess has the right to just shut down.
we should understand why. for the last 5 years many oil/refinerys have closed
they cite loosing money to run them as the reason this is really a misstatemnt, they are not loosing money, whats going on isthe cost of running the refinery is increaseing and that is eating into profits.
over the last 5 years oil/ refinerys have made record profits. they have recived record substitys from the federal goverment.
last year the oil/refinerys discovered that if they out sorce the refineing process they can make even higher profits. owners of oil/ refinerys are not in bussiness to make oil/ refined products they are in business to make money
this pattern is exactly what has happened to other idustries in the USA.
want to know what will happn to st coix. Simly look at detroit, pitsburg.
there legislatures were equily as powerlss as our’s is right now.
hess citing the loss as its reason for shuting down is there right and we can do nothing about it, despite the moral implecations of it to our island home, despite the record profit hess made last year, despite the fact tht hess made trillions of dollars oprating a refinery here on st croixover the last 40 years,they can make more money by shuting down.
th teratry was caught blind sided and dumped quite like a girl whos boy freind left her because he found someone prettier.
Well now comes the real question for the teratory and St croix.
Who are we and how tough are we .
are we tough enough to make lemonaid from the lemons handed to us?
1. get tough with hovenza, start a law suit imedialy about the clean up of our island, they are remaining open as a storage facility, could it be forthe same reason renasance has remained open? its ceaper to keep it open than clean it up. hint to the goverment try calling the aclu and getting the case studied by some of the best laywers for free, imediately legislate that all clean up efforts of lands poluted by companys like hovena, renasance diagio, crucian rum be done by a80% resident labor force.
2. make a deal with renasance to convert its generators to burning waste, direct WMA to seperate the trash, convert it to fuel and sell it to renasance for fuel.
3. make all residents who have lost there jobs to goverment cuts and hovenza,the first in line to recive the jobs created by any trash to fuel conversion.
4. stop winning about this, its a childlike responce, it says we are entitled when in fact we have a history of surviing anything god or man can throw at us.
5. stop the hurtful yelling about born ya, those people from ut side that brought there moeny and reams to the teratory are imporant now, we ned the moeny they bring , we need the tallent and jobs they bring, we need the bussinessthey generate. its ti the majority here stop being so insecure, its a luxury that we can no longer afford surviving is a battle and allalliesare welcome and shoud be greeted with a sence that each of us are needed.

well im mad. im loosing my bussiness and I feel like the victem of a crime, but big bussiness making decisions to make even more money isnt a crime, what I can do about this is limited to picking my butt up off the ground and working to rebuild my life. I dont know if im tough enough to be a sucess but i am tough enough to try.

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  1. I guess I am just confused at why someone, who obviously wants to convey themselves in order to prove a point, would write like that. Spell check? Punctuation? If I wanted my written word to be taken seriously, I would deem correct grammar to be necessary.


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