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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cheese on bread, what next?

Ok.. very random.. but, does anyone have a ping pong table that they would be able to rent to us for the week of April 14-21 of 2012? My husband, boys, and Father, have been spoiled with having a "game" to play after hitting the beaches in St. John and have loved having a ping pong table handy.....We will be staying in VG Estates..
Thanks a bunch!


  1. she should contact the annoying chic who wrote that dismal book about moving to st know...the one who seemed more worried about her establishing herself as crafts and hobbies queen than anything else on her island paradise!...omg,ping pong...hope they bring a supply of cod and potatoes for comfort food...

  2. Maybe they could freeze one and pack it in a soft sided cooler. Is there anything that you couldn't possibly live without for 1 week?

  3. Wow....I guess my post / funny request revealed who the mean kids are.....

  4. Yes, all of the authors of this blog are big bullies, who lie awake at night and think of nasty things to post.

    Seriously, though? A ping-pong table rental? It's hard enough for us to get to the dock to meet and greet our guests, and then get their vehicle/s signed out (while hoping that there is enough gas in the tank to make it to the villa), and then getting the guests comfortably settled in, after said guests have been traveling all day, often with kids.

    We try to make your stay as pleasant and worry-free as possible. And let's not add the extra hurdles: picking up provisions sent by rental guests, which has become a whole new challenge with the recent closure of the PO trailer; arranging dining reservations, babysitters, and shore excursions, and handling baby gear rental, just to name a few.

    Are we bitter? Nope! We love it here. We enjoy poking fun at the silly things that we stumble upon daily here. It keeps us relatively sane. The alternative is to jump off the roof.


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