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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Allow me to paint a picture of an atlas. And a dictionary. And a bullet between my eyes.

The Most Bountiful Beach In The World

Trunk bay is placed in close proximity to the Antigua’s capital city St John’s and has been laurelled the almost beautifully exotic beach to exsist. I know what’s running through your head at this exact moment that the beaches you’re going to find on Thailand holidays like Leonardo di’capro did on his hit movie “the Beach” are more exotic and bountiful but i storngly disagree! trunk bay undoubtedly takes first place for the most beautiful beach hands down!
allow me paint a vivid picture of the world’s most photographed beach in the world! Imagine powder white sand so acquit its reflects the sun’s glare, azure blue water which range from quartz clear shallows then merge through a pallet of blues into a deep aquamarine shade, flourishing tall palms which arch over the beaches fringe and provide the perfect shade to escape the eternal sunshine which blesses the beach trunk bay all year round.
The opportunities snorkel are some of the best you’ll find on Antigua holidays although it’s been deemed that the domain has now been overfished far too much that and the diverseness of aquatic wildlife you’re likely to find can be quite limited.


  1. WHAT?! Where in the world did you find this?

  2. Hey Moriah...
    I don't even know, this stuff just keeps landing in my lap. This blog is all 'ah we dem, for true.


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