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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wow, wow, and wow. Am speechless.

In doing some research about the VI's I found these crime stats that make me what to think about a different place to move. I mean seriously there has been 7 murders so far this year which will break last years record. I know there is a post going back and forth about race and stringing people up. Regardless, these numbers are frickin scary. The island is 73% black and only 10% white and the truth of the matter is the white folks are not originally from there. They, just like me have dreams of tiki bars and beaches. However, most locals (not all) have little education and no money and what better way to get some than rob and kill the folks that do? I mean 10 times the USA's national average of killings is nutso if you add in the fact that there are not that many people there and if most of the killings are black on white and whites are only 10% of the population, you have a VERY REAL chance of getting killed if you are white.

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