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Saturday, February 6, 2010

I am dying a slow and painful death from reading illiterate and inane forum posts.

Forum question:

I know you have to be coverd up on SJU. Just wondering if you can
be nakie when you are just chillin outside at the villa. I looked at the
pictures of our villa and checked google earth and there don't seem
to be anything around it. Our villa has an outdoor shower so what is
all the hoopla about having to be covered up? I would like to sit at the
beach bar in my shorts and bikini top but i learned on here to wear a
t-shirt over my top. Please Don't get angry at me for asking we are
newbies and just wanted to find out if anyone has done this before.
Not trying to offend anyone.


A big part of the fun, as far as I'm concerced, of renting a villa is
definately hanging out in the nude.
Liberating, relaxing, and exciting all at the same time!

Next question:

OK...Now that I know all of you hang out nakie at the villa.
Does anyone get nakie at the beach?


Although it's illegal and deemed very disrepectful on STJ,
I've taken off my trunks more than once after I'm in the water.
Don't hate me, everybody!
It's only on occassions where we're either completely alone
or out of eyeshot of others whom I hope to not offend.
Not for nothing, but I'll most likely do it again in April.

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