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Friday, January 1, 2010

The weirdest story of 2009.

So, let me make sure I understand this. Last month, two police officers and a third person were on trial for extorting cash from a known drug dealer. This "gangsta" (as he called himself on the stand) made fake cocaine, left it in a rental car which he borrowed from his employer, and which he parked illegally, then went to get stoned with his girlfriend and passed out. The borrowed car was towed and impounded.

Moving on.

The rental car was leased to a prominent real estate broker on St. Thomas, and she REALLY wanted the items in the car returned to her. She and and the "gangsta" went to the police station to retrieve her items, among them being a notebook which detailed her plans to have her husband killed for $150,000.

Moving on, again.

The three men accused of extortion were on trial for taking a cash bribe to make the fake cocaine disappear. No mention of the notebook with the murder plans, that came out later. Thus, the weird headline, above. The realtor (not yet accused of anything), took the stand to testify against the three men.

Moving on, the last time (for now).

Hung jury, new trial starts next week. Ching, ching, there go our tax dollars.

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