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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not "great fun!" How about, "real dumb!"

Thank you,
We have never been to St. John or Carribean (1) for that matter. We are recent retirees and like to hike, snorkel,bike,kayak. (2) We aren't much at bar hopping (3) but like dinner out! Not sure if we want to rent (4) jeep and heard renting scooters was great fun..(5) We would like something economical and the more under $2000 for the week the better! (6) Thanks for suggesting something you may have available.

(1) There is a great tool called "spell check." Please use it.
(2) Recent retirees, meet space bar. Space bar, meet recent retirees.
(3) Huh?
(4) I'd like to buy you an "a."
(5) Yes, if you'd like to have St. John Rescue scrape your bloody bodies off of the ground, and then spend some quality vacation time at the Myrah Keating Smith Clinic.
(6) Recent retirees on a budget? How shocking!

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