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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hurricane Season is Over!

Well, we made it through another season with no storms. Which leads me to ask this question. Why did Worst Bank put up a hurricane shutter just a few days before season ended? Was it a really late fire drill? Or did someone go postal in there? Both questions make sense.

Perhaps it was the disgruntled customer who, last month, went to the ATM to get $50. The first machine didn't work, nor did the second. So off this person goes to Scotia Bank, got his $50, with a $2 fee. And was shocked, but not surprised, to see two $50 debits on his Worst Bank statement. After protesting it, the response from the bank was something along the lines of, "After investigation, we find no error on our behalf." So his $50 now cost him $102.

Hurry, Merchants! We can't wait to welcome you to St. John.

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