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Monday, December 3, 2012

Headed for the hills.

New gas station, right next to Dolphin Market. This will make three in Cruz Bay, and zero for Coral Bay. Let's hope we don't get any rain, which we desperately need, because that sure is steep, and we've already seen a few blunders with the other new gas station.


  1. Such a joke! And have you seen the "barriers" they set up so to protect the road below? I avoid, avoid, avoid so that I don't get a boulder on top of my car. Who okays this stuff anyway? Sheesh!

  2. Nobody okayed it...he has a permit to place a mobile trailer on the site, and has not been authorized to do ANY earth change work, let alone construct a gas station. Oh, and he's been known to use threats and intimidation in the past to get what he wants, so there's that...


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