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Thursday, July 19, 2012

All Mash Up is my new hero (but Exit Zero still rocks.)

Original post: After so many years living in the VI, it still amazes me that cruzans feel that it's acceptable to take toddlers and babies to movie theaters for adult movies. I took a date to see Spider-man this weekend and of course there's a cruzan couple with a two to three year old baby. The kid was crying and yelling the whole movie ruining everyone's experience who had the misfortune of sitting next to them. Luckily I was far away enough to ignore them for the most part, but close enough to see people around them complaining to each other. Had it affected me more I would have complained to the theater staff. With money being tight and people losing jobs, I don't understand how cruzans can sit and enjoy the movie while their children are ruining other peoples experience. All Mash Up's reply: What's equally amazing is that you can live on the island for so many years and still not know the difference between "Cruzan" the rum brand and "Crucian" the descriptive term for island residents.

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