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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This water truck went through a retaining wall and bathroom at a villa in Rendezvous, then ended up back on the road to Fish Bay. Not the best picture, and I was happy to hear that no one was hurt. SLOW DOWN PEOPLE!


  1. Eh! I hate this. I see people driving WAY too fast. Idiots. Seriously. This guy was very fortunate to not have multiple serious injuries or deaths on his hands. I saw a truck fly down my hill the other day and I just thought....YIPES! Hopefully no car is pulling out of a driveway and the kids at the bottom of the hill aren't playing in the street. Slow it down. I sound old.

  2. Is that Ditleff on the left?! What house was it?!

  3. It was a rental villa called Beija Flor, and the greeter was just finishing up the arrival. Welcome, and have a great week! And yes, that's the entrance to Ditleff on the left. The driver and his kids got out before the truck landed on its side, which is a good thing, since the cab separated from the truck.

    Moriah, I agree. People are driving way too fast these days, and with the lack of rain, the water truck drivers are moving especially fast. I feel old too :)

  4. Oh my! I've stayed at that house 2x and that was my bathroom! That's terrible! I saw something about this the other day online and was trying to figure out if it was Beija Flor, thanks for the info!

    Glad I wasn't renting there when it happened! Yikes!

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