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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

No, you cannot sleep in the airport. This is not "The Amazing Race."

As some of you read, we are flying into San Juan at midnight the night beofre our 8:30 am flight to St. Thomas. I was going to book a room at the Best Western in SJU but someone suggested possibly sleeping in the terminal since by the time we get our luggage and into our room then get back up to get ready and head back to the terminal we will really only have about 4 hours of sleep. And I can think of a lot better things to do with $200 on STJ than crash in a dingy hotel room at San Juan airport. question is...after we pick up our bags, what is the best place to set up camp for a few hours of shut eye? I am assuing we can't check our bags that early and hang out at our morning gate. So just anywhere outside of security then? Are there better places than others? I have not yet had the pleaseure/displeasure of experiencing thsi airport but I assume it is relatively large compared to most Caribbean airports. This plan isn't set in stone yet so any input would be helpful.


  1. Oh. My. God. This one totally hit home! haha. The very first time I went to the VIs I was moving there and totally stayed the night in the SJU airport. I just assumed, being a city and all, that it was like other airports. Let's just say that it was NOT a pleasant experience. Lesson learned.


  3. The "hotels" around the SJU airport have lovely views of crackhouses if you can see through the bars on the bullet proof glass windows. I have stayed in one and heard nothing but dogs whining and gunshots. Stay at airport and cuddle up to a bottle of duty free rum.


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