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Saturday, December 4, 2010

I don't even know what to say about this train wreck. Except, I am moving to Canada.

Re: Beware of Thieves 

Arm your selves. If you beat them often enough,with lets say a baseball bat and 
they end up in the Hospital a few times and start walking with funny limps,they will 
eventually get the message,if the Cops won't fix it, Who is it up to ? 
There is no need for an honest citizen to have to deal with this crap on a routine basis. 
Self police it or lose what you love.

Re: Beware of Thieves 

I hope you're kidding? You know if you 'beat' someone with a baseball bat for simple 
theft you're the one going to jail right? 
(That's assuming the thieves don't pull out an AK-47 in response.) 
The better response is to not leave ANYTHING of value in the car in this location AND 
leave the doors and glove box unlocked or even leave the window partially open in case 
the thieves are too lasy to check the door lock.

Re: Beware of Thieves 

Being the victim. It is entirely up to you. I'll give an honest man a meal or a buck 
but I have no use for a thief. Don't worry I'M from the Federal Gov and we are here to help 
all of those who REFUSE to take care of them selves,trust me,we know whats best. 
You are either a victim or a stand up citizen,it is high time for people to stop wining 
and make a freaking stand.
No you can't win them all but you the citizen has the choice FIGHT OR FLIGHT. 
If it offends you to take care of your selves,lay some traps with video and record 
the whole crime. It will be very hard for a District Attorney to deny video evidence. 
You say the Cops won't make a stand on your behalf. Go over their heads.

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