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Monday, August 9, 2010

Moles? We don't have no stinking moles here.

I truly hope you had a better experience than we did in 2009 when we stayed there. 
It doesn't appear that there has been a change of ownership since then. We spent 
the entire week vacationing closely with armies of mice (literally running across the 
pillows at night and even running across your feet while cooking breakfast), 
moles which are disemboweled on the deck every morning by the resident cats 
who meowed all night, HUGE fruit spiders 
(which don't hurt you but I prefer not to have them in my bed at night) and 
roaches so bad that the downstairs bedrooms were uninhabitable (and locked by 
the owner...thank goodness our travelling companions had cancelled or it 
would have been a very bad situation). I would not recommend XXXX to my 
worst enemy and I must add that we are VERY laid back folks. The pool had so many 
chemicals that our kids were covered in a rash so we never used it after the first day. 
The laundry room was "locked" due to a water shortage (funny, we have travelled 
to St. John several times and were never told that there was an actual "ban" on 
water usage. We respect the environmental challenges which exist on the island and 
are not people of excess by any means). We later found out from the neighbor that the villa's 
sisterns were usually low because the road is in such bad shape that the municipal water trucks 
could not get up the hill and refill the cisterns. If we wanted to do laundry, we had to track 
down the owner and she would unlock the laundry room for an hour at a time 
(during the day when we would have rather been off enjoying the island, no less). 
We literally stayed at the house as little as possible and the owner, who we often 
saw around town, really couldn't have cared less! What a shame that this beautiful 
location has not been cared for because it would be a true gem with a little bit of TLC 
(or simply a good exterminator). And the internet was inaccessible by Verizon wireless 
card or ethernet cable, which was very disturbing because we had a family member 
in the hospital and we were trying to get updates daily...totally disappointed!
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